AZURE CLOUD PLATFORM -Subscription (Article 04)

Azure Resource Group

Before move into Azure Subscription, I will briefly explain how to create a Resource Group. This is not a compulsory one because we can create it while we create a Key Vault / CDN. So if you think it’s not need, you can skip this section and directly move into Azure Subscription.

Resource groups (RG) in Azure is a new approach to group a collection of assets in logical groups for easy or even automatic provisioning, monitoring, and access control, and for more effective management of their costs. One benefit of using RGs in Azure is grouping related resources that belong to an application together, as they share a unified life cycle from creation to usage and finally, de-provisioning.

This is how you can create a Resource Group:

Search for Resource Group and simply click add option and create a your Resource Group.

Azure Subscription



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