AZURE CLOUD PLATFORM -Integrate Spring Boot Backend (Article 13)

Hi! Guys welcome to the continuous article set of my Azure cloud platform based on the shared cloud architecture. This is my 13th article. You can visit my previous articles from the below links:


First let’s work on Azure portal. Go to Azure AD and click Certificates & secrets in the side navigation panel and select New Client Secret.

Then add a description and select duration in the expires list. Click add. The value for the key will be automatically filled in. Copy the new client secret value. You won’t be able to retrieve it after you perform another operation or leave this blade.

Next click Manifest option in the side navigation panel and set the value of the oauth2AllowImplicitFlow parameter to true and save.

Now select All Users under overview section, and then click New user. In the user panel enter the user name and name. Then click create.

After that click Groups, then create a new group that you will use for authorization in your application.

Fine. It’s time to work on our spring boot application. First import webapp plugin in your pom.xml under build->plugins.


Now open your terminal and type the following command:

mvn azure-webapp:config

Then you need to answer some question in-order to finish the configurations.

First you need to select your OS.

Then you need to select your java version.

Finally type Y and finish the configuration.

Now you can see there are some configurations added in your pom.xml under build -> plugins.

After that you need to add a piece of code inside the configuration.

Now it’s time to deploy our application. but before that type,

mvn clean package

Then after finished it, type

mvn azure-webapp:deploy

and build your application. When finished build, you can get your URL which is display in your terminal.

After you click the URL you can see,

This is the end of Article 13 and hope you get a brief idea about Integrate Spring Boot Backend with Azure.

Will see you on my next article Application Insights.

Thank You!

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